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Justin & Lauren

About Us

We all have that one friend who takes awesome candid photos of us, and we never even realize when they’re doing it. Like picture this… You’re out to brunch, mimosa in hand, and the wind catches your hair just right, the lighting is on point and you’ve got a carefree smile painted on – it’s a perfect moment. As you get up to head home, your bestie nonchalantly AirDrops you an amazing shot of you in that exact moment, but you don’t even remember her taking out her phone.

We’re like that friend.

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You’ll hear us say this time and time again, our clients will never just be another date to fill our calendar.

We understand what an investment photography is for your wedding and elopement and we care so deeply that you see the value in that, which is why we work so hard to provide not only amazing images, but an unforgettable experience. We love working with couples who aren’t afraid of being unconventional and truly making things their own, and who love to let loose and get silly along the way! Searching for wedding photographers in Charleston? Let’s chat!

We can’t wait to connect with you!

Engagements & Couples

We are so glad you’re here because that means you like to get a little adventurous and have a good time! Life is really lived in all the in-between moments. Perfection is overrated. We are all about capturing those candid shots that show who you really are as a couple. If that sounds like something you can get behind, then let’s plan your session! Looking for engagement or couples’ photography in Charleston? Reach out!

Sweet Couple

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We know we said every type of shoot so far is our favorite, and I mean, we’re not really lying, but branding sessions just have a special place in our heart because we are so passionate about small business. We are especially passionate about providing branding photography for Charleston businesses! If you are a small business owner and are looking to create a consistent look and steady stream of updated content for your website and social media platforms, then let’s get started!

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The sweetest of reviews

“Not only are our photos AMAZING, Justin and Lauren were a dream to work with.”

“I don’t even know how to begin to explain how happy my husband and I are with our wedding photos and what I write won’t even scratch the surface in explaining how great Justin and Lauren are. They’re fun, easy going, super nice, and knowledgeable. I’m not the biggest fan of having my picture taken, especially not for hours straight, but they made me feel so comfortable and the whole process was fun and easy. Justin and Lauren did an excellent job capturing the love and happiness of the day, they captured every moment perfectly.

Kelsey + Patrick Goss

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