Can we order products through you?

Of course! You can order prints and canvases at various sizes, as well as photo albums. We trust WHCC and Bay Photo Lab as our labs for prints and canvases. Our albums are fulfilled through KISS, and we do our very best to make the album design process as easy as possible for you! We cover all of this information with our clients once they book, but if you’d like to see a sample album or get more information on products and product pricing, just shoot us an email!

Do you give out RAWs?

We do not. Each photo that is delivered to you is carefully selected and edited to our style. Our editing style is often categorized as true to life with more “dark and moody” touches, and we totally get that isn’t for everyone, but we hope you hire us because you LOVE the look we bring to each image. Handing out RAW, unedited images would be like only doing half our job.

How many images do you deliver?

We don’t promise a specific number of images to our clients because every session is different. BUT we also don’t limit that number. We will go through and cull your session or wedding and select all of the images that turn out best, and you will receive all of those. If you feel like there’s a moment we left out, just ask!

How long will it take to get our gallery?

We will deliver your photos to you via an online, digital gallery no later than 4-6 weeks for sessions and 6-8 weeks for weddings. If your wedding falls into the October to December timeframe, we may require an additional 2-4 weeks to finish any wedding galleries.

How much editing will you do on our photos?

Other than adding the necessary changes to each photo to meet our editing style, we also perform basic post-processing on your photos where artistically necessary. What the heck does that mean? It means if you have a spot on your pants or one huge pimple that you don’t want in the photo, we can probably get rid of it. We do not do editing to make people look skinnier, air brush people’s faces to look plastic or anything like that. Our goal is to capture you in your most authentic, adventurous and free-spirited moments, and for you to love who that person is. Photoshopping each image to society’s definition of perfection would take away from that.

How does payment work?

Once you book with us, we will create a profile for you in our client management program, Dubsado. From there you will be able to access email correspondence, contracts and make payments through Stripe.

Will you pose us?

We try to stay far away from stiff, robotic poses. It’s uncomfortable for you, and it doesn’t look natural in photos. What we like to do is give action prompts to encourage natural reactions and movement. We’ve found that these simple guidelines allow freedom for you to express yourself authentically and ensure we capture your true personality, but don’t leave you wondering what to do with your hands.

What should we wear for our session?

It really depends! You have to consider what your style is, the location of the shoot and what you’re comfortable in. We have a whole session guide to give you once you book with us that talks about each of these topics. It will help you out in planning what to wear as well as a ton of other things before your session.

Can we meet you before our wedding or elopement?

Of course! If you’re in our local area, we’d love to meet you for coffee or a brew! We all know Charleston has a ton of amazing breweries. If you’re not local to Charleston, we can always share a beverage and meet over video chat!