Martha & Corbin – Downtown Columbia Wedding at Senate’s End

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This was such a special day!

From start to finish, we loved every minute we got to spend with Martha and Corbin, from their Asheville engagement session to their Columbia wedding at Senate’s End.

One of our favorite parts of their wedding, other than the people, was their color scheme. From the multi-color bridesmaid dresses, to the greenery and vibrant oranges in Martha’s bouquet – it was bohemian perfection.

Martha and Corbin are both genuinely great, go with the flow people, which was so amazing when come wedding day, the sky decided to open up and downpour and moved their ceremony indoors. Some people would get stressed out by the last minute change, but these two were unphased. They were just happy to be together and celebrate with all their friends and family, and the celebration was a good one!

We were super lucky though because as soon as the ceremony ended, so did the rain, and we were able to walk down the street to the Congaree River with views of the historic Gervais Street Bridge and get some great shots for their private session.

Martha and Corbin wanted to keep their private session short, because it was most important to them to spend time with their family and friends, and that’s what we love most about helping our couples plan their timeline. We’re able to fully customize their day to be centered around everything important to them.

Martha would tell you she’s awkward, especially in front of the camera, but she’s actually not. She’s kind and funny, which matches perfectly with Corbin and his dry sense of humor. They both love the outdoors and spend as much time camping and hiking as possible.

Their love story began the old fashioned way: through mutual friends on a kickball team! Martha tells this part of the story best, so we’ll let her take it from here:

“One night our kickball team all decided to get a drink at a local brewery. Corbin had apparently been on his way out of town for a two-week road trip to Arizona, but after getting only 5 miles out of town he realized he forgot his pillow and had just two pairs of underwear, so he returned home for the missing items. By the time he got there he decided that, if it was going to be that much trouble, perhaps he just shouldn’t make the trip at all, and ended up at the brewery with his roommates.”

It was fate.

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