Hey everyone!

We knew for awhile that we would be taking a much needed vacation over the Christmas and New Years holidays to spend time with each of our families.

One week in Florida with Lauren’s family and one week in Phoenix with Justin’s.

But here’s a confession for you: entrepreneurs never really take time off — or maybe that’s just workaholics? They’re pretty much the same thing, iykyk.

couples photography charleston sc

couples photography charleston sc

couples photography charleston sc

couples photography charleston sc

Justin’s sister Rachel asked if we would be willing to go to Sedona for a day and take some photos for her and her boyfriend, Anthony. Let us just say, the likelihood of us ever being unwilling to do a Sedona couples session is highly improbable, so of course we said yes and got planning!

We settled on a shorter hike to the base of Bell Rock. There is something just so unique and breathtaking about the beautiful red rocks of Sedona. Every direction we turned, the backdrop just got better and better. We’ve truly never seen anything quite like it.

The weather was a chilly, breezy 55 degrees, but it couldn’t have been more perfect for Rachel’s long-sleeve, Jada Copper Ribbed Velvet Dress from Baltic Born.

Something super special about this session, other than the beautiful location, was that it was for family. Justin’s mom also joined us for the trip, and we were able to make a day out of it by getting lunch and hiking all together. It also gave us the opportunity to get to know Anthony better, since it was our first trip getting to meet him.

It’s truly a one-of-a-kind spot.

Rachel and Anthony met through a mutual friend at a Bible group. After a few times of meeting at the group, they finally had a chance to sit and talk with each other one-on-one, and the rest is history! They were both a little nervous to start out, like a lot of the couples we work with. For some reason everyone who says they are shy, awkward or will need help with posing actually turn out to be the most natural together in front of the camera, which is exactly what happened with these two by the end of the session.

Our favorite thing to tell our couples is to pretend like we aren’t there. We love when they just interact and love each other exactly as they would if no one was watching. It also allows for your true personality to come out and be reflected in the images, which is our No. 1 goal for every session.

Usually each session there’s some sort of challenge to overcome, whether it be a crowded location, a couple who just needs to work out the butterflies or working around a lighting issue, but not with this session.

It was truly the perfect Sedona day.

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