We met up with Alexandra and Lamar in January for their engagement session in Hampton Park. One thing we love about Hampton Park is the long paths lined with trees on both sides with their hanging moss. It’s one of those places that you see in pictures and just think, “That’s so Charleston.”

It also has tons of different places to explore, which is exactly what we did.

We first met Alexandra while we were working at the Big Fake Wedding Charleston back in December. We followed up with her after the event and got to planning their session!

Little did we know that both she and Lamar serve in the military. It’s a privilege when we get to meet and work with other military members. There’s just a common understanding, or kindred spirit, between most military members. We love hearing about other their jobs or cool places they’ve been. Plus, everyone always has a unique story for where they came from and why they joined, and we love to hear those stories.

Alexandra describes Lamar as fun and funny, which 100% came out at the end of the session when they salsa danced for us. While Lamar describes Alexandra as sweet and humble, which we absolutely found to be true.

One of our favorite things to ask each couple during our sessions is how they met. Alexandra and Lamar met at a Mexican restaurant while Alexandra was having dinner with a friend. They all talked for awhile and by the end of the night, Lamar asked her for her Instagram. After sliding into her DMs (so smooth) they kept on talking, and well, the rest is history!

But what we really learned from the beginning of their story is that every love story should begin with margaritas..just kidding! (sort of)

Don’t let the warmth of golden hour in the images fool you though. It was a chilly, windy January evening that they toughed out for us like champs. It was a good thing though, because combined with their amazing outfit choices, Alexandra and Lamar and Hampton Park showed out, and we got some beautiful images and created some awesome memories.