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Is it ever too early to start thinking about Christmas?

There’s just something about that time of year that makes everything in life feel happier and more hopeful, and Lord knows after this last year we could all use a little more of that.

Now, it doesn’t get super chilly here in the low country, so walking in a winter wonderland isn’t necessarily realistic, but just outside Charleston in Ridgeville, is a hidden gem and the closest you’ll get without traveling north– Lebanon Christmas Tree Farm.

If you love the smell of pine, this place will be a dream for you.

Last year we had the opportunity to do a couples session with Alexa & Zach, and it was a amazing, so we are definitely looking to schedule a few more sessions this year!

We’ll provide the candy canes and Christmas music, all you have to do is show up and be merry!

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We always recommend making the night of your photo session a full on date night experience. There’s nothing better than having your photos taken during sunset and then following it up with a nice dinner or drinks out. Since you’ll be in the Summerville area, head to Five Loaves Cafe or Accent on Wine!

 On a different note, this will be the first year that we’ll actually be buying a Christmas tree to decorate for our home. We’re not Scrooges! We’ve always wanted to but have either been traveling or too busy with work to make it happen. There’s a lot of contention with this question we’ll leave you with…Are you Team Real Tree or Team Fake Tree? We haven’t decided yet. Let us know which team you are and why in the comments!

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Booking Info

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If you’re wanting updated couples photos for your Christmas cards, we’ll be scheduling a few sessions in late October & early November. Dates and times will be limited and fill up fast, so reach out early!These will be 30-minute mini sessions and you will receive 10-15 edited images for $200.

Oh, and if you’re not sure where to get your Christmas cards from this year, we highly recomm-end using Basic Invite. They have amazing customizable designs, and they’ll even address and ship your cards out for you. It doesn’t get simpler than that! Use our code to save 20% off on your order!

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Can’t wait to hear from you and plan your Christmas session!

Justin & Lauren

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