Anyone else been in a podcast binging mood lately? Literally at all times of the day, we’ve had podcasts on. Writing blog posts? Podcast. Playing Xbox? Podcast. Working out? Podcast.

We’re running out of shows to listen to..it’s a serious problem, so please drop your favorite podcasts in the comments!

We’re going to keep this post short and sweet, so without further ado, here’s our top podcasts picks for business so far this year (plus a few extras):

The Heart & Hustle Podcast

If you’re a fellow photographer or entrepreneur, chances are you already know this one. It’s hosted by Evie Rupp and Lindsey Roman, who started out crushing the wedding and elopement photography game but have branched their empire out to business education as well. They’re super relatable and inspiring to listen to and have given us a lot to think about over the last couple months of quarantine to improve our business. They cover topics like client communication and social media strategies, but also tough subjects like “How to be Inspired Without Copying.” PLUS, we love that they are transparent and unapologetic about their faith. We can’t even choose one episode to point you to, because honestly, you can’t go wrong!

Life with Amy & Jordan

We first started following the Demos because of their wedding photography. They have essentially the complete opposite of our editing style. If we are dark and moody, they are the poster child for light and airy. Super beautiful! Their podcast doesn’t really touch on photography much though and is basically more about their life as parents as of late. But they do talk a lot about things that apply to our business, like how to work with your spouse, budgeting and a bunch more. Although we don’t have kids yet, we just really enjoy listening to them as people. They are super cute and sort of banter back and forth. They just seem like easy people to be friends with. Our favorite episode so far is 007: How We Lived on One Teacher’s Salary. They’ve inspired us to be more intentional with how we spend our money so that we can achieve our dreams a lot faster than we would otherwise.

Often Ambitious

Lauren has listened to the Often Ambitious podcast since day ONE. The pod is hosted by Erika Sheffer and Lindsey Plevyak, who are both boss entrepreneurs. If you need a kick in the butt or something to help keep you accountable to yourself or your goals, this podcast is it. Lindsey and Erika drop truth bombs every episode and will constantly have you challenging yourself to be better. They cover everything from marketing and social media to tough topics like comparison.

The Biz Birthday Bash Podcast

The Biz Birthday Bash Podcast is hosted Cami of Cami Monet, a watercolor artist and stationer, and Elisabeth of ElisaAnne Calligraphy, a calligrapher and wedding invite designer. While we definitely aren’t artists or designers, we definitely find value in listening to other creatives talk about their businesses. It’s awesome to learn more about topics that are still well within the wedding industry, plus as entrepreneurs, we all deal with the same issues like burnout, branding and learning how to grow our businesses. Plus, you can just tell these two are great friends and they’re just great to listen to. Definitely check it out!

Our personal picks..
  • PaleOMG Uncensored
    Juli Bauer is a boss b*tch. This is one of Lauren’s top choices because Juli is just so damn relatable, especially if you have a potty mouth. If you’re not a fan of the word f*ck, we wouldn’t recommend tuning in. BUT if you’re down for some f-bombs and someone with dry, blunt humor, you will freakin love Juli. She is most well known for her Paleo recipes and cookbooks but talks about all different health and fitness topics. We recommend listening to this one on a car ride.
  • The Edge of Sleep
    WE NEED SEASON 2!This is one of Justin’s top choices, and it’s a good one, obvi, or it wouldn’t be on the list. It’s a fiction podcast with about 30 minute episodes, so you can easily binge this one! The premise of the story is pretty simple – and terrifying. Everyone in the world that goes to sleep one night DIES. There’s a small group of survivors and they band together to try and uncover what happened all why trying to stay awake so they don’t die too.
  • Overheard at National Geographic
    We love all things Nat Geo, so we had to include this one. This podcast has super short episodes with some really interesting and educational information. The premise is they dive into a topic based on overheard conversations around the National Geographic office. Lauren’s favorite episode is the “The Glass Stratosphere,” which asks the question, “What if a woman made it to the moon first?”
  • True Spies
    If you’re a true crime junkie, this one will be right up your alley. There’s just something so interesting about listening to real-world secret squirrel spies talk about their jobs. Plus, the narrator, Hayley Atwell, has an awesome accent and is just a dream to listen to.

So there you have it.

But on a side note, what we’ve been working on this past week with ALL the podcasts playing in the background is our website. It needed a little bit of an update, so we gave it a face lift. We updated some web copy on our Home page and our About Us page. We nerded out on image sizes to improve our page load speed..you’re welcome!

But the most exciting part: We added THREE new pages to make our client experience even easier. You can now read FAQs, Testimonials from our past clients and view some of our favorite products on the Our Favorites pages. We always include suggestions in our session guide or client emails, but now you can see and also buy what we actually own and recommend for our adventure shoots. This list is just a starting point and will continue to grow, so be sure to check back often!

Go check it out!

We hope you guys have an awesome week and check out some of those podcasts. They’re goodies! Let us know what some of your favorite podcasts are in the comments!