Hey everyone!

Sedona is easily one of the most beautiful and iconic locations in the United States. If you’ve ever been there before or seen pictures of it, it’s easy to see why the bold red rocks have made it one of the most desirable places to elope or have an engagement session.

After making a trip out there earlier this year and getting to explore, we’ve put together a list of tips and tricks to help you plan for getting those Pinterest-worthy photos you’ve been dreaming of.

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Plan for the Best Lighting

Depending on what location you choose, the time you should start your session can vary wildly, especially if there’s a longer hike involved. One huge factor to keep in mind is what time of the year you are shooting and what time the sun rises and sets. The best times of the day to shoot are the hour just after sunrise and the hour just before sunset. You’ll want to give yourself plenty of time to hike out, change clothes and still catch that golden light. Another thing to keep in mind is whether you’ll be at a location at the base of a mountain or closer to its peak. If you choose sunset and a location at the base to keep the hike shorter, just know that you’ll likely want to start your session earlier because the sun will fall behind the mountains earlier and you’ll lose light much faster.

Bring a Portable Changing Room

Unless you choose a super short hike and absolutely do not care if your clothes get orange or dusty, we recommend wearing hiking clothes and boots out to the elopement or session location. Although, getting those in-action hiking shots for elopements is super awesome, so really it’s to each their own. But if you do choose to go more comfortable for the hike, we like to plan for that in advance so we can bring our pop-up, portable changing room for you to change clothes in privacy.

Traffic can be a Bummer

No matter the time of year, Sedona has become a destination location, and the road into and through town is only 2 lanes on each side with roundabouts. That equals LOTS of traffic. So now you’ve chosen your location and the time you need to start your hike for your session, but check your Google Maps during the time you’ll be commuting for a few days prior to plan for traffic accordingly. The main parking lot for Bell Rock and Cathedral Rock also gets really busy, so plan to take a few laps around the lot to snatch a spot.

Plan Your Outfits

Obviously with Sedona there is a lot of orange and some greens in the environment, so you’ll want to plan your outfit colors to compliment the natural environment. Deep greens and oranges, like what Rachel is wearing in the pictures shown work really well. But if you’re unsure on colors, playing it safe with neutrals is always a good choice.

Adventure is out There

If you’re looking for a super adventurous experience, Sedona has much more to offer than just a short hike to a beautiful spot. There’s obviously much longer hikes, but you could plan rock-climbing, four-wheeling or other adventure sports into your day too. No matter where you are on the adventurous spectrum, we’re here to help you plan an amazing experience and get the right location scouting and permits to do it right!